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We take great pride in providing our clients with peace of mind and world class commercial building solutions. We believe that is a starting point to building lifetime relationships with our clients. As general contractors, construction managers, and design builders, we utilize our extensive expertise and proven processes in commercial building construction in a way that will save owners time and money. Effective communications combined with our exceptional work ethic, Miller-Tippens Construction has become a trusted name in commercial building construction throughout Oklahoma City, Tulsa, the State of Oklahoma and surrounding states. Miller-Tippens Construction Company is fully equipped to handle a wide range of commercial building projects, including institutional, retail, medical, banking, industrial, multi-story and specialty buildings.

As Oklahoma general contractors, construction managers, and design builders, we believe in building relationships for life. We dedicate ourselves to maintaining lifetime relationships with our clients through our integrity and continued ability to deliver world-class commercial building solutions. Give Miller-Tippens a call today to discuss the construction of your Oklahoma City, Tulsa, or surrounding area commercial building project!


Miller-Tippens Construction Company is a full service general contractor with a long list of subcontractors and suppliers we trust to meet our requirement of great quality at a competitive price. We entertain any field of commercial construction and have provided a partial list below of new construction, renovations, tenant finish and additions in which we believe showcases our expertise. Additionally, Miller-Tippens has the in-house capabilities to self perform building concrete, concrete paving, utilities, framing, drywall, doors and hardware.

  • Aviation
  • Commercial Office
  • Education
  • Financial Institutions
  • Leisure
  • Retail
  • Sports
  • Transportation
  • Medical


There are many different types of Negotiated Cost-Plus methods, such as Cost-Plus Fixed Fee, Cost-Plus Percentage or Cost-Plus Variable. Owners sometimes choose one of these Negotiated methods because of the flexibility in the pricing arrangement. It is particularly attractive to owners of commercial construction projects of large size and great complexity, or for projects that duplicate previous facilities sponsored by the owner. A cost plus a fixed fee or percentage is negotiated up front along with the budget and guaranteed maximum price (GMP). Advantages to the Negotiated method is the early guarantee of project costs, as well as the ability to overlap the design and construction phases of the project allowing for an accelerated delivery time.


Why use a construction manager? Major commercial construction projects can be complex with many parts, making it easy for parts of the process to be missed. A construction manager helps lead owners through the difficulties that come with design and construction. In the Construction Management at Risk delivery method, a construction manager is hired early in the process to provide design input as a collaborative team member with the architect/engineer. Advantages to this method include a guaranteed maximum price (GMP) based on the scope of work that is provided by the construction manager early on in the process. The construction manager is responsible for costs in excess of the GMP that are not due to changes in the original scope of work. Also, the design and construction phases can be overlapped to allow for a faster project delivery. The construction manager functions as an objective and experienced representative to the owner of the project in order to ensure the best possible outcome.


The Design-Build method focuses on all parties communicating and working as a team, thus creating a structure of accountability and reliability for your project. Design-Build fosters an environment of cooperation that allows for timely completion of your commercial building project. The advantages of the Design-Build delivery method include having one line of communication and responsibility for the project, costs are established early in the process, and faster, more dependable delivery because the construction can begin before the design is completed. Having a single source of accountability reduces risk for the owner and also reduces the potential for cost escalation as the project proceeds.


Hard Bid is similar to the Traditional Design-Bid-Build method, described as such: The owner hires an architect to design a facility in response to the owner’s program requirements. The architect then prepares drawings and specifications to define the scope of work. Once the drawings/specs are prepared, a general contractor is selected typically on the basis of the lowest bid. The advantage of this method is familiarity, as this is the traditional, well known delivery method. Other advantages of this method include a clear definition of roles amongst the project participants and a clearly defined scope of work. This method can be a lengthier process than the other methods, because the construction cannot begin until the design process is completed, and the lack of builder input during the design process could result in difficult and more costly building systems.
There are advantages and disadvantages to every delivery method; therefore, we have provided a description of each one to help you determine which method would best suit your commercial construction needs.



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