McFarlin UMC Phase I

Construction Date
Norman, Oklahoma
McFarlin UMC

The McFarlin Phase 1 “Backbone” project mainly consisted of various utility modifications and upgrades on the north side of the church between the main building and the sanctuary. Overall project scope included bringing in a new fire riser, ductwork, HVAC piping and electrical raceway at various locations to serve as the “backbone” structure for future church upgrades. Additionally, a completely new shaft was constructed within an existing alcove on the north side of the church to house these various utilities. Construction of the shaft required both exterior masonry work and interior finishes at different floors within the church where the new utilities penetrated the walls. Several project challenges were overcome in order to complete the project including finding unsuitable soils at the site, the fitting of multiple utilities in the limited space provided by the alcove (existing building configuration would only allow a shaft size of about 60 SF), undocumented city utilities located beneath roadways where the new fire water service was required to be routed, and multiple pieces of the church’s original heating and cooling infrastructure that were discovered near the project site had to be removed and/or demolished in order to make room for new utility routing. Miller-Tippens is proud to have navigated these challenges while minimizing change orders to the church and providing a successful project.